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Artistic Direction nora chipaumire

Sound Design Franz Schütte

soundshitstem designed by Ari Marcopoulos and Kara Walker constructed by Matt Jackson Studio (NYC)

radio opera written and produced by nora chipaumire at Callie’s Berlin, Germany

The afternow Installation is a unique multimedia sculpture that comprises of 25 wooden boxes, a rollable stage, chairs, sails, surround sound, amps, video projections, light, and fog. It is designed to immerse the entire room, making it easily accessible from all angles. At the heart of this installation is a "pyramid" of speakers, which also serves as a 16-channel sound system. This sound system plays the radio version of the Nehanda opera, which lasts for 3.5 hours, and is also used for dub nights.

WiFM ZiFM dub nights is a party format for which nora chipaumire collaborates with different (local) sound artists and performers. DJ’s, MC’s, and performers are invited to bring the mountainous speaker installation to life. The immersive event uses the soundshitstem to celebrate the legacy of the sound system in Jamaican culture. The dub nights allow visitors to interact with and respond to the installation, facilitating the kind of collective experience that is essential to chipaumire’s practice. The dub nights must be produced with DJs.

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