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cartography of the animist body and radical black african presences 

animist technology 

practice and process


nhaka is a long term research project which started with nora chipaumire’  instigations | investigations with tumbuka dance company |directed by anna morris + shona cultural masters in harare | zimbabwe since 2012 


nora chipaumire continues the work of deconstructing + embodying ideas

in studio sessions + field studies | sharpening | deepening 


nhaka is

not a study of one artist and their output  


nhaka is

a way of being  a way of thinking  a way of practicing + sharing that can be accessed by all  

for we  in african experimental dance  have lacked texts | libraries that locate us in the present future | many texts on present past exist  


nhaka hopes to inspire an unholy output of thought + projections that help us navigate art terrains and                                                     beyond 

creators | thinkers etc are encouraged to take  steal  run with  contribute to  the thinking universes of black african imagineries           spirit capturing  motion  


nhaka is 

     a network |  Tsika is functioning like a network ( att etc or net one ) va sahwira 

a hacking into open sources | ancestral network 

            an    outsourcing |  kufamba -vafamba-takafamba | looking for solutions to problems etc 

a repository |   a dunzvi - a repository  | a cell that has all the codes essential to the livelihood and development of the systems |  revelations |  transportations 


PLUS allows for Kinetic transferences | Kinesthetic - or physical transferences

nhaka is 

Tsika |  hunhu culture | personhood

a  distinction without difference | for to be a person | personhood one must come from tsika |culture


nhaka is                        

Ndimi | rurimi | language  |correct language conjures  up [kweza | attract  correct | right  response |  connection to  ancestors 


nhaka is 

Kusuma | prayers | to access  information related to tsika | an  opening | first | prayer  ask permission to access  information 


nhaka is

Kutamba | Tamba | mutambi  | To play | To dance |The dancer 


nhaka is

that  dance that  arrives after kusuma | prayer | in conjunction with the right sound |  the right 

nhaka bhuku

cartography of the animist body and radical black african presences 

animist technology 

practice and process



this research project is indebted to existing knowledge of dance  contemporary dance african dance ritual dance published + unpublished    the nature of black bodies  the products  of their imaginations + labor continues to marginalized | exoticised | as such weaponizing the body with deeper understanding of how we got here is crucial   

bhuku includes a selected bibliography of political readings that may assist in  unpacking the power of the body + importance of history 


nhaka bhuku, is a platform of 

ideas |  ideals | philosophies  | creative processes |  curriculae | future  tsika 



one can not stay at one place |  kudzidza hakuperi -  learning never ends

the point of this platform is to allow those who wish to,  to graduate to a level of study where self teaching is the RULE | NORM | inhabiting the state known as freedom 

the highest purpose fo this sharing is allow fellow humans invested in the body and its potential to find your “mandoro kwati “ | the fullness of your being 


 Mhondoro THOUGHTS | urgent ideas 


nhaka bhuku is 

black african futurists futures | held in these concepts | philosophies |  hunhu | chivanhu | nhaka | chikaranga |  Tsika 

(check it )  the human animal has the ability to speak to its past |  present | future selves

via the conduit generally referred to as the ancestor | spirt | mhepo |  wind |

this conduit has revealed itself to different time zones  |  geographies and unleashed its power surges  using various  names |  the future for black beings  is unfolding in the present | beyond digital capacities | hence Nhaka | cartography of animist technologies | a text on the  mesmerizing lives of those chosen |

and the new generation | born in culture 



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