nhaka bhuku 1

cartography of the animist body and radical black african presences 

animist technology 

practice and process

one must , as a dancer know where  

Mabvazuwa | east 

Madokero | west 

Mahodzanyemba | south 

Machanhembe | north 

are, in oder to make the correct orientation in which to begin the sacred work of taking care of the body , others and the environment ..


[ chek it] pasi chigare | pasi pakatambarara | in old | ancient times | in non times 


the human animal had the ability to speak to its past |  present | future selves via the conduit generally referred to as the ancestor | spirt | mhepo |  wind | this conduit has revealed itself to different time zones  |  geographies and unleashed its power surges  using various  names |  the future for  black beings  is unfolding in the present | beyond digital capacities | 

Nhaka | is cartography of animist technologies | a text on the  mesmerizing lives of those chosen | and the new generation | born in culture 



this digital book building project | knowledge gathering project  was made possible with the corroboration of aida colmenero diaz | africa moment | in an africa | spain dialogue hosted by matadero | centro de residencias artisticas | madrid |spain 

shika  mohamed yousry’ six month research based journey man ship supported by pina bausch foundation + nora chipaumire   offered invaluable support documenting the work

shamar watt offered invaluable support in field and studio research .

part of a seminal generation of nhaka experts , carries nhaka Philosophy  into the world 

nhaka notebooks

I plugging in

II swagga


III conjure


IV catching up

iv catching up.gif

V abductions


VI transverting


VII relativities


VIII play


IX end session


X extra thoughts


videos+ photo | jesus robisco, javier sanchez, shika  mohamed yousry